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1 Giant Leap
1 Giant Leap
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List Price: $24.99
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Director:Jamie Catto, Duncan Bridgeman,
Manufacturer: Wea Corp
Release Date: 10 September, 2002
Media: DVD
Customer Reviews:
Rating 5   Truly a Giant Leap!
I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the first public preview of this DVD last month at Yerba Buena Gardens, in San Francisco. This DVD is so incredible! It didn't take long to recognize the creative alchemy and authenticity that went into this work. The result is a treasure of profound beauty and thoughtful wisdom.

The music, the imagery, the story-telling and spoken word, all fused brilliantly with inspired arrangements... I've not seen anything else quite like it--1 Giant Leap is as thought-provoking as it is beautiful to watch. The information is densely packed, throughout. The DVD is initially set to let you play just one chapter at a time. This is to allow viewers to take it all in and evoke discussion. There is also a 'jukebox mode' to let the viewer create their own viewing experiences, as well as a 'loop mode' to play the whole thing in its entirety.

One Giant Leap is a a real treasure, and I whole-heartedly recommend it!

Rating 5   Take One Giant Leap
In order to thrive, ecologies need diversity. Functionalism has proven itself in the wild. What seems bad to us, if removed causes disturbance in the equilibrium of nature. As immune as we might feel, our cultural ecology is not excluded from the rule of diversity.

What can you say in two hours that will move your audience to action, thought and consideration? Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman wondered the same thing three years ago. They packed a grip (i.e., laptops, digital video cameras, and high-quality microphones) and hit twenty-five locations in twenty different countries in search of the voices of cultural diversity. The sounds, images and spirit they documented along the way they aptly titled '1 Giant Leap.'

Maintaining focus on the words, visuals, sound and spirit of some of the world's most significant thinkers, musicians, artists, authors, actors, and scientists, 1 Giant Leap is a cerebral, musical, visual extravaganza. It's an album, a movie, a documentary, and a work of art. Among the minds melded here are Stewart Brand, Michael Franti, Tom Robbins, Brian Eno, Grant Lee Phillips, Speech, Michael Stipe, Kurt Vonnegut, Dennis Hopper, Ram Dass, and Neneh Cherry. Diversity incarnate.

Take two hours and take a trip that will change you. Take 1 Giant Leap.

Rating 2   Mildly interesting, but mostly a disappointment
A great deal of hard work and technical and artistic expertise have gone into making this ingeniously-designed film, but IMHO it was mostly to no avail. While the film contains some beautiful imagery and some beautiful music, its philosophizing is truly lame, and I found several of the speakers who appear in the film to be enormously pretentious, stupid, and irritating. This is MTV-style pseudo-philosophy of the shallowest kind.

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