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Game Boy Advance SP - Platinum
Game Boy Advance SP - Platinum
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Our Price: $99.99
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours

Manufacturer: Nintendo
Release Date: 23 March, 2003
Media: Electronics
Customer Reviews:
Rating 4   Good system, cept if you travel abroad!
The idea of a Gameboy is a portable game system, and the SP is a very portable system; nice pocket size, long rechargable battery life, front lighting allows game playing in more settings, light weight, and the notebook form factor even protects the screen on the road! 'Cept if you really have to travel, not the day to day commuting, but traveling for business or for vacation, especially traveling overseas! The recharger provided by Nitendo is not an universal voltage recharger, which is unforgivable with a "portable" system in these times and age. Nitendo doesn't even sell an universal recharger as extra, or a battery attachment! Their webpage simply suggests customers should buy their SPs from the countries they intend to play the system, I guess they want us to buy one for Japan, one for Spain, one for Germany ... you get the picture! What about if you want to bring your SP for a camping trip? So, the rechargable battery is a good idea, but a AA or AAA battery attachment will be very helpful!

So for now, even though I would love to have front lighting for my Gameboy Advance, I will keep my GBA for the time being, I travel overseas and go camping trips frequently!

Rating 5   Sixth Time Is A Charm
Nintendo has the handheld gaming design down to a science. They have a long history of dominating the market. For those who don't get the "Sixth Time is a Charm" title, the GBA SP is the sixth Game Boy. The origional Game Boy (1989), Game Boy Pocket (1996), Game Boy Light (1998, only released in Japan, it was a Game Boy Pocket with a backlight), Game Boy Color (1998), Game Boy Advance (2000), Game Boy Advance SP (2003).

But down to the system:
I debated long and hard with myself whether to get this system. You see, I own a GBA already. I traded it in, hoping it would be worth it.

It was.

The backlight alone is worth the price of admission, but that's just icing on the cake. The smaller design, I have to admit, looks cool. It easily fits in my pocket. One thing that always bothered me is that my old GBA's screen would be scrached if I carry it around in my pocket. Not anymore. The rechargable battery works fine (lasted 11 hours off of a 3 hour charge, and you can even play while charging).

Contrary to popular belief, the Nintendo E-Reader works in the GBA SP. In fact, the only game I know of that doesn't work is "Kirby's Tilt and Tumble" because the cartrage slot is facing the other way. The L and R buttons are positioned fine for me (but I have pretty small hands).

Three minor nitpicks:

1. Headphone adaptor: You need to buy this to use headphones.
2. Light defaults to on: If I turn the light off and then shut off the power, the light will turn on when I turn on the GBA SP again.
3. If I close the cover while the GBA SP is on, it will remain on (wouldn't a standby mode be great?).

Overall, I would get it, even if you own a GBA already.

Rating 3   Good system for kids...
I recently purchased this system after hearing a lot of positive feedback about this hand held gaming system. I found the gaming fun and a really smooth gaming experience, however I soon discovered that playing the GBA for more than 10 minutes would give me a literal migraine headache. This has never happened to me before and I have played several systems without ever having this problem. Well, the problem became so extreme that I ended up returning the GBA due to my constant headaches from it. I loved the game play and sleek design of this system though and really don't have any negatives to say about this besides the fact that it gave me the headaches. I found that most young kids can play this for LONG periods of time, but if you are over 20 and considering this please test it out before buying it because if you are like me you might regret spending the money on something that will just cause you chronic head pain. Otherwise, fun system and probably the best portable.

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