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Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo
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Actor:Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould,
Director:Lee Unkrich, Andrew Stanton,
Manufacturer: Walt Disney Home Video
Release Date: 04 November, 2003
Media: DVD
Customer Reviews:
Rating 4   Ave Pixar!
When you discover Pixar is releasing a new animation movie, run to the theaters at first opportunity. Everyhting is good, from the little lamp icon to the short animation before the movie starts, including the plot of the movie, the characters, the scenes and the unbelievable way Pixar technicians are able to transform dreams into reality. They have done it before with both "Toy story" movies, with the funny-as-hell "Monsters Inc." and they've done it again in "Finding Nemo". Well, almost. I think the story of "Finding Nemo" could be more gripping and enterteining. Still, perfection is hard to be obtained.

This time there are no talking toys, no monsters that hide in children's closets. This time it's about the sea. The plot is very simple. Marlin is a clown-fish, living happy in his new home with his companion and 400 eggs waiting to be born. He has plans for his future family, but these plans all get shattered when something real bad happens and all he has left is one little egg, the future Nemo. Nemo's life is full of safety measures. He can't swim in open sea, he has no friends, and he's going to school really late. Unfortunately, Nemo is caught by a human diver, and, unless his father will find a way to go to Sydney, Australia, Nemo will spend the rest of his life as a pet of a saddistic child. (Yes, the story is weaker than the Toy Story series, and weaker than Monsters inc., but this is supposedly a kids' movie, so I really didn't expected nothing like a Fellini movie based on a book by Umberto Eco.)

This seemingly simple story is greatly complemented by the characters in the movie. In fact there are so many memorable characters that Nemo and his father Marlin get a little overshadowed. Ellen DeGeneres is the voice of Dory (most of the characters have facial resemblance to their voice interpreters), a blue fish that will help Marlin in his way to Sydney; that is, she will help him when she remembers to do it, because, like Guy Pierce in Memento, "she has this condition". Dory is, no doubt, the funniest character in the story (the scene where she tries to speak the many "whale dialects" made the whole theater laugh hard). Crush is a 150-year-old turtle who speaks in surfers' slang. Bruce is a shark that creates a group that helps other sharks to understand fish are friends, not food. There are many others, all good characters. All of them are stereotypes, but they are so intelligently stereotyped that it makes the difference.

The animation is so fantasticaly real that I think small children are not able to fully undertand what they're seeing on screen. You have to be more of a grown up to notice the perfect details provided by Pixar technicians. Attention to detail is so high praised that the research and study behind this single movie must amount to lots of hours. (In fact, I got scared when Bruce the shark goes berzerk, because of the kind of detail portrayed in this scene.) That is just to say, people of all ages should watch "Finding Nemo"; each one will find a particular reason to enjoy it in their own way.

I give "Finding Nemo" 4 stars, instead of 5, because I have to compare it with other, better Pixar movies, like the ones I mentioned before in this review.

Grade 8.4/10

Rating 5   A Couple Scary Scenes, But a Wonderful Story
I must have watched this DVD ten times with my three-year-old daughter. It is very entertaining, with enough "character" development and humor to hold a parent's attention.

The plot is essentially what the name implies. A scuba-diving dentist from Sydney separates a father clown fish named, Marlin, from his son, Nemo. Marlin must cross the ocean to rescue his son. On the way he encounters all sorts of adventures, picks up a charming companion, Dory (who suffers from short-term memory loss), and experiences real character growth. Meanwhile, Nemo gets transplanted into an aquarium with a host of other "Fish-Prisoners", who spend their time commenting on dental techniques and hatching escape plans. The dialog is delightful and the computer animations are spectacular.

There are two scary moments that parents should be mindful of. The first occurs very near the beginning, before Nemo is born. A barracuda attacks Marlin and Coral (Nemo's mother). The mother does not survive, but the violence is not graphic. She is simply not scene after the attack, and her death is implied. However, this scene usually prompts my daughter to ask, "Where Nemo's mommy at?"

The other scary part evolves a shark chasing Marlin and Dory through the hulk of an old sunken submarine (that happens to be in the middle of a minefield). This part is not too bad either, and of course, our heroes escape, unharmed.


Rating 5   Fishy Fun
This movie is the cutest one I have seen yet from Disney. They usually outdo themselves with each new movie, but this one will not be outdone for a long time.

Nemo is a little clownfish who lives in the shadow of his overprotective father, whose antics get Nemo into big trouble. Nemo's mother was shown in the very beginning of the movie, but tragically is eaten by a barracuda. Because of this, Nemo's father, Marlin, is overprotective, and therefore is afraid of the ocean. In the end, the viewer has seen Nemo's father search the entire Atlantic ocean for him, hence the name "Finding Nemo". On his way, he meets many other beings such as sharks and jellyfish, and 'befriends' a very forgetful fish. The father overcomes his fear of the ocean, and life returns to normalcy when Nemo returns home from Sydney, Australia, after living in a fish tank in a dentist's office for about three days.

It's a very heart-warming movie, and even though I'm not a little kid, I enjoyed the movie so much I watched it about 3 times in the first week of owning it! A wonderful job by Disney!

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