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Lost Books of the Bible
Lost Books of the Bible
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List Price: $9.99
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Author:Rh Value Publishing,
Manufacturer: Testament
Release Date: 08 June, 1988
Media: Hardcover
ISBN: 0517277956
Customer Reviews:
Rating 5   The Holy Spirit Speaks through Many Souls.
These 26 references are quite enlightening.

It makes is more evident that the Holy Spirit speaks
the Lords truths through many non-church-authorized
sources and many other religions.

To see this - the same challenge is before all of us, no matter what your religion!
How do we go beyond our restricting religious programming to see
some truth?

Truth that is seldom found in the common average

Rating 5   finally
all the books lost ,together,great shipped real quick also got in 4 days no shipping 2 books

Rating 3   Understand what you are reading
If you are looking at this book, most likely you are a Christian. You may be a a scholar, or simply curious, but I assume that Christians are most likely to be interested in this subject. If this is the case, be careful.

On the back flap, the publisher writes "we can now judge these texts for ourselves." However this is risky. The Christians of the early church thought differently than we did, simply because they lived in a different time. They lived in a time when there were no such things as human rights, democracy (even Athens was really a Republic), and most importantly reason and logic were the concerns of philosophers, not the people. So when we see these texts, we must assume there were flaws in the theology that the early Christians saw which may not be apparent to us.

The original editor saw this, in his introduction he argues that the accepted scriptures are his authority, that these should be viewed as anecdotes.

However the book itself does a poor job clarifying this. If you look at the preface in the preview pages, you will see a morose description of the Council of Nicea, where Arius was deemed a heretic. Yes, they destroyed his writings in the 4th century, but the editors never say why. They do not mention that his followers rejected the idea that Jesus was divine, but merely another creation of God's. Thus Arius denies the trinity, central to 99% of today's Christianity. I do not say it is improper to hear his argument, or any of the others in this book, but it demonstrates the irresponsiblity of the editors in not explaining why the works in this volume were rejected.

I welcome anyone with interest in Christianity to read these works. They provide an interesting look at the different types of Christianity that grew up and then collapsed, but neverthe lesss influenced the faith from which current Christianity developed in all its diversity. This is why I gave it 3 stars, its an important work.

But I must beg all who read it to realize that these are simply Christian stories and not Scripture. In some cases they contradict not only the established beliefs of the faith but common sense. Sometimes they agree, but what does that mean except that the authors of the text agreed with Scripture?

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